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RUK Wind Turbine Medical

RUK Wind Turbine Medical

Course Overview

The content and criteria of the RUK Wind Turbine Medical has been defined by an RUK work group. The RUK medical certificate is designed to reflect issues specific to the wind and renewable energy sector, unlike alternative offshore medicals such as the OGUK offshore medical which is designed for the oil and gas sector. RUK Wind Turbine Medical Overview RUK Wind Turbine Medicals will take place Monday - Thursday and last 45 minutes. 


Prerequisites Required!
In order to complete RUK Wind Turbine Medical, delegates must hold:
    There are no prerequisites for an RUK Wind Turbine Medical, however, delegates must bring: Photo identification e.g passport or driving licence Reading / distance glasses (if applicable) A record of any medical conditions Any medications with doses known

Course Content

An RUK Wind Turbine Medical covers;
- Filling in a medical questionnaire
- Height and weight- BMI
- Blood pressure and pulse
- Urine test for blood, glucose, and protein
- Near and far vision and testing for colour blindness- to bring glasses if they use them
- Peak flow test- for testing of the lungs
- Audiometry- hearing test
- Physical examination which includes ears, nose throat, neck, teeth, chest (heart and lungs, abdomen / hernias / genitourinary, neurological and musculoskeletal
- Chester step test

The Chester step test is an aerobic fitness test which involves stepping up and down on a step of a certain height at 2 minute intervals at faster speeds and measurement of heart rate. The test stops when the participant’s heart rate reaches 80% max and aerobic fitness is calculated at the end. 

More information

  • Certification: An RUK medical certificate will be issued upon successful completion of the examination.
  • Certificate validity (months): 24
  • Target audience: Anyone working in the wind and renewable energy industry
  • Revalidation: The course must be revalidated every 2 years.
  • Items to bring: Government Issued Photographic ID eg Driver Licence or Passport
  • Health prerequisites: Due to certain aspects of the course being potentially physically demanding and/or stressful, delegates will be required to confirm their medical fitness & physical ability to participate on this course by completing our centre medical self-screening form prior to course commencement

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