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Offshore Survival Training

Offshore Survival training is crucial for ensuring the well-being and safety of those working in an offshore environment. 

We deliver the highest standard of sea survival and safety training for the offshore industry, including OPITO BOSIET, FOET and HUET courses and GWO Basic Safety Training. 

 Delegates can choose from two strategically placed locations to complete their survival training: Aberdeen and Newcastle, where we have ultra-realistic survival pools. These pools feature the very latest equipment including mock helicopters, Norwegian escape chutes, survival suits and rafts. 

 Within our highly realistic surroundings, delegates complete simulated scenarios that replicate actual emergency and survival events in as much detail as possible, in a safe and controlled training environment. 

 Our industry-experienced instructors provide advice and guidance throughout the training to ensure delegates are comfortable and confident throughout the practical exercises, to get the very best out of the experience. 

Firefighting Training

Firefighting, emergency response and helideck training address the fundamentals required to protect people, plant and equipment in an offshore environment. 

 We simulate realistic training scenarios in a safe and controlled way and cover all the required emergency response skills with a strong focus on teamwork. 

 In Aberdeen, our fire training rig consists of a galley, accommodation module and engine room as well as ladders, stairs and walkways. The rig is connected via a sky bridge to our life-size offshore helideck, which has stairwells and an ancillary helicopter refuelling / firefighting kit as found offshore. 

 In the North East of England, we work with two of the leading firefighting organisations to deliver firefighting training, Newcastle Airport and Vital Fire Solutions (the Trading Arm of County Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue Service). 

 Team training exercises can be tailored to company-specific procedures as required, supported with an offshore visit before the course to brush up on basic skills, such as donning BA sets and hose running. 

Medical Services

3t Training Services delivers a range of occupational health services to both individuals and companies. 

 We boast two fully-equipped medical centres in Aberdeen and Newcastle, where experienced clinicians carry out a comprehensive range of medical assessments to provide medical certification, which shows fitness to work. 

 From drug and alcohol tests to specialist reports, HGV medicals and the full Oil and Gas UK Medical Certificate, our team can provide whatever medical certification you need. 

 Our medical service is quick and easy. Appointments are also often available at short notice. 

First Aid Training

We offer fully accredited first-aid training for onshore and offshore roles. 

 Our highly skilled team of experienced clinicians and first aid instructors deliver a mix of theoretical and practical first aid training at the highest levels across a range of sectors including oil and gas, wind and industrial. 

 Our courses are designed to equip delegates with everything from basic first-aid to the most advanced skills of being able to stabilise a casualty should a life-threatening incident or injury occur. 

As industry leaders, we have also been involved in helping to shape the standards in advanced first aid for the global wind industry. 

GWO Training

The Global Wind Organisation (GWO) sets the international standard for safety training and emergency procedures in the wind industry. 

3t Training Services has been delivering world-class GWO training since 2015 and has dedicated Renewable Energy Training Centres of Excellence in Newcastle, Aberdeen, Teesside and London. 

We offer the full suite of GWO courses including Basic Safety Training (BST), Basic Technical Training (BTT) and Blade Repair and train more than 1,500 wind delegates annually. 

The delivery team makes an enormous difference to delegates in acquiring skills, retaining knowledge and attitudes to safety and our GWO instructors are the very best in the world – repeatedly going above and beyond to deliver the ultimate training experience. 

Delegates are at the heart of our GWO offer. From our supportive and flexible bookings team and weekend training to on-site weather day courses, returner discounts, differentiated tuition, coaching, recruitment help, cert management and exceptional one-stop-shop facilities, we ensure we deliver exceptional service.  

Major Emergency Management Training

Major emergency management training (MEM) is designed to cultivate the specific knowledge and skills required by those expected to manage people, plant and processes in an emergency situation. 

 The first few minutes of an incident are critical to escalation prevention and can be pivotal in determining a safe and successful outcome. With a particular focus on remote areas and offshore installations, our MEM training provides coaching in command, control and communications. 

 We will impact the vital initial response skills that are required to make under-pressure decisions and effectively manage your asset’s resources during a crisis. Our purpose-built, dedicated MEM suite realistically replicates an emergency command centre during a major incident. 

 Operating a multitude of different incident scenarios in a true-to-life environment, we can effectively ensure that your leaders are prepared to take the appropriate action should the worst ever occur. 

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