Food Handler Medical

Food Handler Medical

Course Overview

The Food Handler Medical is for persons who work directly with food or indirectly within food preparation or serving areas. This examination consists of a patient questionnaire and an examination of your general personal hygiene and other specific areas. A Doctor completes the examination, following which certification will be produced based on the findings of the examination.


No Prerequisites Required

There are no prerequisites for Food Handler Medical

Course Content

The Food Handler Medical consists of the following:
- Completion of a patient questionnaire
- Examination of your ears
- Examination of your teeth/mouth
- Examination of your hair/scalp
- Examination of your skin
- Examination of your eyes/eyelids
- Examination of hands/fingernails
- Examination of your general personal hygiene

More information

  • Certification: A Food Handler Certificate will be issued on successful completion.
  • Target audience: The appointment is intended for food handlers, who are people who directly touch open food as part of their work. Or those who may touch food contact surfaces of other surfaces in rooms where open food is handled.
  • Revalidation: Certification should be maintained annually to ensure compliance to statutory/employer requirements.

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