How to land your first job in the wind industry

Top wind industry recruiters share expert tips at 3t virtual event

Getting your first job in the wind industry can be a tricky Catch:22 scenario but 3t’s Virtual Wind Careers Event offered some invaluable tips from employers to those looking to secure that first step on the ladder.

The free online event included insight into the wind industry from some of the sector’s leading employers including Vestas, Muelhlan Wind Services, Atlas Professionals and Next Wave Partners

Here’s what we learnt:

Nick Jordan, Apprenticeship manager at Vestas said:

“Vestas is a key player in the sector currently operating 55,000 turbines across 88 countries. Our apprenticeship programme only runs in Scotland at the moment, but we expect to expand this into England soon.

“Without industry experience it can be difficult to secure your first role. For those interested, I would advise you learn as much as you can about the industry beforehand. Make sure you understand the sector, how turbines work and as much as possible about the projects in the pipeline. For anyone applying to Vestas, I would expect them to have researched the company and know what we do.

“When writing your CV, don’t overlook anything you’ve done that may be relevant. Volunteering, sports’ teams, projects – it’s all worth including.

 “Behaviours and attitudes are also key. You need to get out there, network and get your face known. It’s also worth noting that you shouldn’t limit yourself to one area as there may be sites elsewhere in the UK recruiting.”

“Most of the big wind companies have good info on their websites so that’s a great place to start.”

Ryan Porter, Senior Recruiter at Muelhlan Wind Services said:

“One of the most frequent questions I get asked is ‘How do I get into the wind industry?’.

“My advice is to develop your LinkedIn profile and your CV. Follow as many companies as possible and connect with lots of recruiters so that you have a good idea of what’s going on.

“The more you grow your network, the more opportunities you’ll see. Send your CV far and wide and don’t be disheartened if you don’t hear back straight away.

“For Muelhlan we tend to take on newly qualified people for onshore and offshore installation projects so keep an eye on certain types of projects and when they are happening. These installation projects can be a foot in the door. Even an admin job can progress into a technician role.

“We see a lot of applicants coming in with transferable skills so don’t be put off listing all your experience. Be patient but, most importantly, be persistent and you’ll get there in the end. It’s often a case of right time, right place.”

Mark McDonald, Health and Safety Adviser at Atlas Professionals.

“Renewables is the largest part of our business, and we are very experienced in getting new entrants into the sector.

“Statistics suggest that the wind industry requires 70k people by 2030 in the UK alone, so there will be a lot of opportunities coming up.

“Our clients are looking for people with the right attitude and the right behaviours because working offshore isn’t for everyone. We offer a FREE one-day course for new entrants where we’ll help you to tailor your CV and provide honest advice to get you through.

“Work hard. Work efficiently. Have a goal. Ask questions. Demonstrate skills such as teamwork and communications – it’s all relevant.”

Alex Bacciarelli – Specialist Recruiter

“Outside of the UK, we are seeing demand from offshore wind in places like Taiwan, Korea and Japan.

“The biggest challenge for these countries is not having enough skilled local labour so they rely on Europe to help deliver projects.

“My advice for those looking for overseas wind work is to get experience at home first so that you can take these skills with you.

“I’m a big believer in mentorship and word-of-mouth so if you know someone working in the industry ask them about it and don’t be frightened to be pushy.

“Invest in yourself and the certificates you need. When you’re doing training, it gives you the opportunity to build a network of contacts. Also reach out to companies you want to work for directly.”

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